3 Things That Damage Your Submersible Pump

The current world is more innovative and brings the most advanced technology in front of us, and submersible pumps are one. The latest submersible pumps are manufactured through innovative production technologies. Using the latest technology for manufacturing has been advantageous in broader prospects. Whether you need submersible water pumps for aquariums or any other purpose, they know more innovative advances and give you everything you are looking for.

The latest technology has made the pumps more reliable and durable, which gives you the best outcomes. But every advantage brings disadvantages, and few things can damage your submersible water pumps for aquariums. To keep you on the safer side, here we are with three things that can damage your submersible pump, and you should take care of these things.

Here are 3 Things That Damage Your Submersible Pump:

1) Dental Floss

It is made up of monofilaments coated in wax slides which are very solid and hard to dissolve with water. You need to take care of your submersible pump with such substances. Such types of foss can tangle around the parts of the pump and damage it completely. If you see such a thing or substance, then you should immediately take action. Otherwise, your submersible pump will get damaged.

2) Wet Wipes

It is made from fibers, and it becomes stringy when it comes in contact with water. It will easily get jumbled around the rotating parts of the pump and cause serious trouble to your submersible pump. They also get stacked until they create obstruction and finally stop the rotation of the water pumps. So, cure it as soon as possible to keep your submersible pump safe and secured.

Whether you have submersible water pumps for aquariums or any other purpose, such things can happen anywhere and damage your pump, so make sure that you take proper care of it.

Here are Few Reasons That Create Wet Wipes:

  • Nappy Wipes
  • Wet Wipes
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Antibacterial Wipes

3) Latex Products

We all know that latex never breaks in water and is not biodegradable. Due to this reason, It will choke the impellers of the operating pump and will damage the pump. And if the latex product is wrapped with toilet paper, it will get separated at the end, which is not safe for your submersible pump. So, ensure that you dispose of the latex products with toilet paper to get the best outcomes. In this way, you can keep your submersible water pumps for aquariums safe and durable.


We hope that the above-discussed information and tips will help you keep your submersible pump safe and can be used for long-duration without any damage. No matter where you have installed your submersible pump, there is always a risk of damage, but keeping yourself safe will always give you the best and most satisfying outcomes.

So, ensure that you buy a professional submersible water pump for aquariums and keep the tips in mind to make it highly durable and long-lasting.

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