Eco-Friendly Moving Tips By Expert Melbourne Removals Crews

It is estimated that there are hundreds of Melbourne removals taking place every day. If you have ever moved before you know the amount of waste Melbourne removal can create.

From bubble wrap to boxes, there is an abundance of materials that go in the trash afterwards. However, the good news is that your move does not have to be detrimental to the environment. Expert Removalists Melbourne has many great tips that can be done to ensure that you are protecting the environment, including the materials you use, how much you purchase, and how you dispose of the items after you have finished with them.

First, we will look at understanding what type of Melbourne movers you need.

Before you hire a mover Melbourne crew, it is important to understand the difference between a full and partial service. There are many companies that offer both options; however, if eco-friendly moving is something you desire, make sure that you select a company with this in mind.

If they do not provide such services then ask them for their recommendations or try searching online for other Melbourne removals companies who can fulfil your needs. This will allow your Melbourne removals to start off on the right foot when making decisions about how much waste is going into landfills. Most Melbourne mover companies nowadays offer eco-friendly moves for all their clients, providing that you are ready to pay the extra price for this service.

Now we will go over some excellent suggestions that the removals Melbourne crews have for moving in an environmentally friendly manner.

Step One:

Pack the Melbourne Removals boxes with recycled newspaper. This is a great starter because these can often be found at many local grocery stores for free or at cheap prices, and will reduce your need to purchase bubble wrap.

To make this step even more eco-friendly consider asking family members if they have any newspapers they are no longer using that might be helpful to you in packing up before moving Melbourne company arrive on moving day. Newspaper not only makes it easy for the Melbourne Removals crews to pack your items properly but also provides an excellent means of cushioning valuable goods during the move.

There are several types of paper that you should avoid including glossy papers as well as magazines, which may contain materials such as glue and glitter mixtures; however, your Melbourne movers can provide you with a list of which papers are the most appropriate to use as packing materials.

Step Two:

Use good quality recycled boxes or plastic cartons you already have around the house. Melbourne Removals companies can provide you with a list of which boxes are best to use during the move, but it is mainly up to your discretion. Once finished with your move, ask your moving Melbourne company if they would like them as a way of helping their business become more eco-friendly and consider giving those items back in return for another service instead.

Step Three:

Think about using old clothes as packing material! This might come as a surprise because many people just assume that you only use paper and bubble wrap; however, many movers Melbourne crews have seen first-hand just how effective using garments such as T-shirts and pants can help protect your valuables.

Step Four:

Sell and donate unwanted items. Moving is a great time to purge however you want to ensure you are throwing away as little as possible and donate or sell as much as possible. As this will have a big impact on the landfill. Mover Melbourne companies are well aware of this, so the Melbourne Removals crew can suggest some great charities if you are unable to sell your items.

Step Five:

Pack Smarter. Consider everything in your home to be a potential container for something. Instead of simply stuffing the interior of a pot with paper, pack wrapped kitchen goods inside it. Make use of your suitcases, plastic containers and duffle bags, as moving boxes.
These tips will not only save on your Melbourne Removals bill as you will have fewer boxes to purchase but also can reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill.

Step Six:

Use eco-friendly cleaning products. As we are packing boxes and cleaning out closets and storage spaces we need to consider what cleaning products are being used. If you are unfamiliar with the best eco-friendly products, ask your Melbourne mover for suggestions and if they are able to provide a list of cleaners that are safe for the environment. A lot of these Melbourne Removals crews are associated with house cleaners and will know what would be best suited for you or the house cleaners to use.

Step Seven:

Large items and hazardous materials should be disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner. Moving houses is a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of items such as appliances, old paint and batteries However if these items are not disposed of in a proper way you can create more harm to the environment. If you are unsure of how to dispose of these items or where to dispose of them, consult with your eco-friendly Melbourne Removals company for guidance.

Step Eight:

Prepare your meals rather than ordering takeout. Packing and unpacking will take up a lot of your time, and you may not have time to prepare meals. Therefore, prepare as many meals during this period before the main day and freeze them. In addition, you will save a lot of money on takeout and there will be no extra paper waste or junk going into the landfills.

In conclusion, Removalists Melbourne companies have been moving homes for a long time and the movers Melbourne companies know just how important it is to go green during this process. Melbourne Removals companies are familiar with all of these eco-friendly moving tips and your Melbourne Removals team will be happy to help you make this process as green as possible.

Are you looking for a Melbourne removalist that is environmentally conscious?

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