Get yourself Certified in Written and Spoken English

Educational institutions in Australia offer several courses in the English language for people based on their specific requirements. A common need for courses on the English language is for those who often migrate to Australia for professional and job purposes. Knowledge of the English language to a certain level is almost mandatory and the courses carry a lot of importance in this context. People who migrate may be from different backgrounds, never exposed to English as they would have done all their schooling in their native language, those who were not able to have proper education, used to a different cultural environment and so on.

For those who intend to settle down in Australia or with long term work plans in the country, the courses provide a good platform to understand the culture in the new setup, give insights on how to adapt themselves to the new environment, prepares them for potential challenges they may encounter in day to day life and how to work as part of a team. After completing the courses successfully, the participants are in a much better position and frame of mind to tackle the problems they may encounter in course of time from a communication perspective.

Certificate II in Spoken and Written english is one of the training programs intended to provide basic English coaching for those migrating to Australia in cases wherein knowledge of the English language is missing. The course is a good start for learning the English language and also prepares one for attending more advanced English courses. Enrollment for the course is possible under different programs intended for the migrating population and can be completed based on the visa procedures and other guidelines applicable for people willing to relocate to Australia. A preliminary assessment is often done to understand the person’s current skill level and knowledge based on which appropriate feedback is given before enrollment.

After completing certificate 2 in spoken and written English, the person would have studied English from a basic speaking, listening, reading, writing perspective and other communication-related topics. The course also helps people

  • to develop language skills
  • undertake more advanced courses in future,
  • Participate in community forums
  • Get more knowledge about Australian culture, society and practices
  • Seek employment opportunities
  • Be associated with organizations in employment and other roles
  • Know the English language in an Australian context
  • Improve English listening, reading and writing ability
  • Develop better communication skills

The duration of the course is usually one year and the classes are conducted in a classroom or virtual mode. Professional experts are engaged by institutions to impart training and innovative approaches are followed for training classes and practical sessions. Good quality content and material are also provided for reference and study purposes.

With the proficiency and knowledge obtained, people get the confidence to look for good job opportunities. Career prospects are also enhanced after completion of the course. Another important factor is the increase in the level of confidence which helps people to communicate and perform better in their assignments. The certificate received on completion of the course is also valued by organizations that are looking to recruit people for different roles and job profiles.

In summary, the course is a much-desired option for beginners who have basic knowledge of the language, but are looking to enhance their English skills, want to take it to the next level in the short term and also prepare themselves for advanced courses in the long term. Hence, the people who have migrated to Australia are often recommended to enroll for the course in one of the better institutes and complete it successfully without major delays.

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