How Does a Galvanized Box Trailer Serve as A Boon To Carry Heavy Loads?

Jack owns an import/export business. Until now, he was managing the supply through different methods but was unable to take bulk orders because he couldn’t afford to get the goods transported to the customer.

Now, Jack wishes to expand his business and is looking for an option to get his goods transported without any hassles to the customer.

In this condition, if he invests his money on galvanized box trailers, he won’t have to deal with such hassles and he can expand his business easily.

A Little More About Galvanized Box Trailers

Galvanized Box Trailers are engineered to carry heavy loads for long distances. If you were to choose a galvanized box trailer, a heavy-duty tradesman quality galvanized box tipper trailer is the one for you. Mechanical disk brakes, flat or round trailer plug, LED lights, heavy-duty axles (40X40 mm), and high load-bearing capacity makes it the first choice for people who need to transport heavy loads to places.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly trailer, you can buy one in a hydraulic tipper trailer that serves your every need.

Some of the features are:

  • Heavy Duty Tradesman Quality 2000kg ATM 10×5 galvanised tipper trailer with 1000mm cage
  • Japanese NTN Bearings
  • 300mm sides with 1000mm cage
  • 5mm checker plate floor and sides
  • Main chassis is 100x50x4mm, 100x50x3mm RHS with flooring frame made from 100x50x3mm and 50x50x2.5mm RHS
  • Draw bar 100x50x4mm RHS with length of 1800mm
  • Axles are heavy-duty solid 40x40mm
  • Mechanical disc brakes fitted
  • NEW Wheels and tyres 14inch Commercial Light truck tyres(brand new)
  • Tare weight 980kg
  • Capacity (ATM) 2000kg
  • LED lights included (so you never have to worry about blown bulbs again), Reflectors included
  • Mudflaps included
  • Flat or round trailer plug included (just let me know which one you want)
  • Fully Australian complied, comes with Compliance Plate and VIN number.

Where to Buy A Galvanized Trailer?

Well, it is hard to choose a shop that offers reliable trailers.

But Jack trusted U-Beaut Trailers to buy his first galvanized trailer and the best customer service of the shop have converted him to be a loyal customer.

Why, you ask?

U-Beaut Trailers is the top manufacturer of various types of trailers in Melbourne. From lightweight trailers for a car to galvanized box trailers designed to perform the heavy-duty, you get it all here.

Excellent in assisting you to make a wise choice among the variety of trailers available, U-Beaut Trailers surely gives excellent services right from when you walk in the store till you make your purchase.

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