How To Choose The Best Garden Pond Fountain Pump For Garden?

As far as home aesthetics go, a well-groomed garden is anything but an impression maker. Imagine having your guests gushing even before they’ve entered your home! And when we say garden aesthetics, we are not just talking about preened bushes and flower plants on the driveway. We are talking about taking your home décor game to the next level with cure koi ponds in the garden or a beautiful fountain in the middle. However, one of the primary mistakes people make with this hand-made water aesthetics is choosing the wrong pump! This results in either a fountain with a heavy flow or a trickle- never the right kind!

So, how do make sure our ponds and fountains are maintained? By selecting the right garden pond and fountain pump for your home. Our experts have streamlined everything you need to know about garden ponds in 3 quick pointers. Starting with-

Understand the Difference between pond pumps and fountain pumps

As a pond owner who’s looking into fountain options or vice versa, you need to keep in mind that pumps that are perfect for your pond may not be so for your fountains. For example, miscalculations are often made when you choose a pump based on GPH or Gallons Per Hour. This indicated the power of the pump which is super important when it comes to ponds, but when you’re choosing a fountain, you should be looking at the lift (the ability of the pump to pump water higher). Hence for fountains, pumps with maximum lift are always ideal.

The Power of the Pump

When you’re looking for a proper pond fountain pump, never ignore the GPH either. There’s a rule of thumb which can help you decide which GPH to settle for based on your fountain/pond structure. For instance, 100 GPH is needed for per one-inch diameter when we are talking fountain pipes. Now it’s your call on how much water you want coming out of your fountain.

The Outlet Dimension

It’s all about finding the right fit and size for your outlet and your pump. Now before you finalize a fountain pump, make sure you have a clear idea of what the actual outlet dimension is. Make sure you check in with the pump’s discharge size too when fitting the tube that you’ll be using for the fountain pump.

There are a lot of other intricacies that are involved in the fountain pump choosing process. In fact, if you’re looking into hot water circulating pumps or subsidiary alternatives, we’d say connecting to a professional with in-depth knowledge and expertise about garden ponds and fountain pumps can help you make the right call without dealing with fitting issues or maintenance hassles.

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