How to Create the Best Modern Living Room Interior Design in 6 Easy Steps

The living room should be a top priority if you’re designing a new house or wanting to renovate your existing one because it’s one of the most crucial rooms in a contemporary home! In this post, we’ll concentrate on the six steps you should take to create a modern living room for a magazine cover.

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Why does living room décor matter so much? The living room is one of the most crucial rooms in your modern home, even though it is occasionally overlooked in favor of areas like the kitchen. In addition to being an important area for flexible home design, the living room is where many families spend most of their time together and where we frequently welcome family, friends, and neighbors.

We received excellent comments from readers who found it very helpful after covering all of the “architectural” issues (such as layout, structural considerations, windows, etc.) in our previous blog, How to Design the Ideal Modern Living Room. But it was apparent they were left wanting more.

How to choose interior design for a modern living room was a question many of our readers had! The discussion of fantastic living room design is continued in this article, which focuses on the six steps you can take to create a contemporary living room fit for a magazine cover.



Some people find home designing daunting due to the extensive range of fabric, furniture, window coverings, and décor, and frequently are unsure of what style will suit them and their home.

If you don’t already have a distinct vision for the inside of your modern living room, we advise beginning your interior design plans by seeking inspiration. In addition to hard copy periodicals and furniture and décor businesses, it is now simple to acquire virtually endless amounts of design ideas online.

Gather and save the pictures you like. Although not every image will be identical, you’ll almost surely notice that certain design elements and color combinations appeal to you more than others.

Pro-Tip: Check your closet as well! What hues do you enjoy wearing? Are there any you steer clear of? How about texture and pattern? Like your outfit, your home’s materials and furnishings will probably reflect your style preferences.

This portion of the construction or restoration process may be a lot of fun. There is no “wrong” answer when decorating or furnishing, so try not to worry about it. You are doing fantastic as long as you love it and the furniture and décor you choose fit your way of life!



In our blog post “How to Design the Ideal Modern Living Room,” we detail the fundamentals of function and layout. We advise reading that post quickly, especially if you intend to construct a brand-new contemporary home or are remodeling your current home extensively.

This article also discusses the differences between living rooms that will serve only or primarily a “public” function (entertaining guests) and living rooms that will perform “duel” functions (for instance, in homes with only one living room where you use one living room for family time and entertaining). Living rooms that need to fulfill one (private or “public”) function raise different issues than rooms with dual purposes.



Many people choose a sofa or chair they adore before deciding how to arrange their living room. They may be unhappy if they have to choose a different item that fits better or with an odd layout if the furniture doesn’t fit perfectly.

We advise preparing your layout and figuring out the optimal size or size range for your stable pieces of furniture before you go shopping to prevent this dilemma.

Think about the room’s dimensions and how the furniture will fit in the space. Make sure there is enough seating for your family and hosting guests. To maximize the flexibility of your floor design, you should also consider circulation in the living room and make sure that the arrangement enhances your usage of nearby spaces.

You may use various online tools and apps to assist you decide on the best layout for the furniture in your living room and the optimal size of different furniture items for your space. Utilize these resources, or stick with tradition and finish the layout in real life by pulling out the measuring tape and some masking tape (assuming your home is already constructed).

Before shopping, plan out your living room’s arrangement and the ideal dimensions for each piece of furniture. It can save you from having buyer’s remorse when the sofa you fell in love with eventually comes and it just doesn’t “fit” the room, in addition to assisting you in finding the “perfect” pieces more quickly.



After that, it’s time to go shopping! Start with the “key” furnishings around which you will base your living space. It is often your couch and chairs.

Return to the blog’s introduction and consider the purposes that the living room you are concentrating on will serve. The work should be as professional or informal as you choose. Do they need to be cozy for lounging, or are they more suited for formal entertaining—or something in-between?

Sofas and other seating ought to be elegant but also comfortable and resilient enough to withstand a bowl of spilled popcorn in a casual family room or a house with only one living room that needs to serve dual duty as an entertainment space and a gathering place for the family.

A silk-velvet sofa and a hand-woven area rug belong in a formal living room, which may accommodate less durable furniture and finishing.

Observe your design inspiration one more. Are there any furniture designs that appeal to you?

My Modern Home advises selecting the highest-quality focal points that your budget will allow. Additionally, we recommend keeping the design and color as classic as feasible. An excellent sofa can easily survive ten or even twenty years without seeming outdated or worn. Additionally, the quality will make the other items in your space look better. Definitely worth the cost!

With fun and affordable pillows and throws, you can adjust the appearance of sofas and chairs when fashions change. You can also update the aesthetic of your space with area rugs and wall art (more on that below).

Pro-Tip: Pick the highest-quality crucial pieces of furniture you can manage to purchase. Be creative with the accessories while keeping them timeless.

Remember to check your plan and ensure the furniture will fit before adding it to your cart.



After choosing the main pieces of furniture, you should select accent pieces, such as coffee tables, side tables, and accent chairs (if space permits).

You might also want to buy an area rug, depending on your flooring and available space. Particularly with open concept floor plans, area rugs can help define the room’s size and establish a style or atmosphere for your living room.

Use area rugs to draw boundaries around your living space (and other rooms in your home). It works particularly well in homes with open floor plans.

If your taste changes or you decide to rearrange your room, these pieces of furniture can be altered more frequently than necessary items.



The ideal spot to show off your flair is with accessories.

Your modern living room’s décor, art, throw pillows, lamps, and décor pieces, can be anything from formal to informal, bohemian to minimalist modern.

The versatility of accessories allows you to change the look of your room as your tastes and preferences change.

To add visual interest, don’t forget to mix up your items’ sizes, shapes, and textures.

Pro-Tip: To understand how to “dress” your surfaces, whether it is your piano, coffee table, mantel, or side table, check out Pinterest or other internet design sources. Your unique style will genuinely stand out if you accessorize these surfaces.


We’ve got a few more ideas for you to consider as you plan the interior decoration of your contemporary living room.

Consider lighting and privacy while choosing window coverings. Although expensive, high-quality window coverings are typically more appealing and lasting than low-cost alternatives. Don’t forget to leave money in your budget for this purchase.

Will there be a TV in the living room? If so, consider where the furniture will fit in your arrangement before buying furniture. Also, consider if you want to buy a piece of furniture specifically for your TV or mount it on the wall. Consider some of the various choices for hiding a TV in your living room that is currently available if you want to maintain the formal appearance of your space.

Keep your lighting in mind! Compared to rooms like the kitchen and dining room, living rooms frequently feature less overhead illumination. Dimmable in-ceiling lighting is possible, but don’t forget about floor and table lamps. A diversity of light sources gives you more alternatives and creates a fantastic mood, but they may also be beautiful ornaments in your living space.

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