How To Protect Your Motorcycle Exhaust with a Heat Shield?

The engine performance and mileage of any automobile largely depend on its exhaust! Sometimes, people tend to forget that they need to keep the exhaust in good working condition in order to make the automobile run efficiently.

Generally, a heat shield is needed to keep the heat production at the time of riding a motorcycle in check. Also, it gives an added advantage of comfort and protection to the person who is riding the motorcycle.

Why Do You Need an Exhaust Shield For Your Motorcycle’s Exhaust Pipe?

Leg burn is a common threat that people suffer if any motorcycle lacks a heat shield. Also, it helps hide those pesky pipe discolorations that stick out with the course of time making your automobile look old. And this is something that you don’t want! Right?

A heat shield is designed to protect a motorcycle exhaust from overheating by dissipating, reflecting or simply absorbing heat caused due to friction. An added comfort and protection while you ride your vehicle is something that makes your riding experience a little more smooth and perfect.

However, choosing a motorcycle exhaust heat shield is a challenge when it comes to its brand and the type.

To make your challenge a little easier, here is a recommendation that is based on various customer reviews.

Kool Wrap Aluminium Exhaust Shield, Embossed Aluminium, Semi-Rigid, Includes Exhaust Mounting Brackets

The Kool Wrap Aluminium Exhaust Heat Shield for a motorcycle is a complete kit with brackets that helps mount the heat shield on an exhaust pipe.

The multi-layer embossed aluminium sheets trap air pockets between the sheets for increased insulation. The heat shield Insulates and reflects radiant exhaust heat away from your motorbike exhaust.

Additional Information on the Product:

The aluminium shield is 60cm long, 12cm in diameter and is flexible enough to suit many different diameter exhaust pipes.

The kit is supplied with hose clamps for exhaust pipes that are 52mm-90mm in diameter.

Did you get your motorbike modified? If yes, your bike must look awesome but have you thought about your engine and the exhaust fan?

If you modify your bike with extra features making it look fabulous, you need to take charge of the extra heat it produces.

Do not worry, a turbo heat shield is to the rescue. It reduces the heat produced up to a certain level thereby, giving you that extra competitive edge that you yearn for.

Where To Buy A Motorcycle Exhaust Heat Shield?

If you order your products online, the store promises to deliver them to your doorstep at an economical shipping rate. The premium quality of all the products is guaranteed by Kool Wrap and on top of it, if you face any issue regarding the product delivered or its installation, an experienced customer support team is always happy to help!

Maintain your motorcycle’s cool at all times with Kool Wrap!

Wrap it up!

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