Increase The Efficiency Of Your Appliance With Heat Proof Cable Sleeves

Tracy had intercoolers installed in her motorbike but she didn’t want to waste her money on heat proofing the wires and the cables.

Down the line, after a few years, the intercoolers were not cooling her bike’s engine with the same intensity and as a result, she got leg-burned due to the hot bike.

She got it checked but there was nothing with them.

Little did she know, the efficiency of the coolers degraded with time as she did not heat proof the wires. There was no vapour lock and there was no control over fuel evaporation which is why the coolers were not that efficient as they used to.

More on Why Should You Heat Proof The Cables Of Your Motorbike

Tracy’s experience might have already made realization dawn upon you!

Using a heat proof cable sleeve shields wiring harnesses, and spark plug wires against heat damage but mainly, it can also extend the life of your wires by protecting them from excessive heat exposure.

A small investment now can save your money on wire replacements in the future!

How Can You Heat Proof Your Wires?

A heavy duty layer of reflective aluminium laminated to a fibreglass inner insulating layer on your wires provides long-term durability in the harshest environments for your cables. It protects from water, grease and hydraulic oils and sheds heat almost instantly, making it perfect for cable covers, cable tray protection, welding cable protection, protection from abrasion, and hose protection.

A high temperature wire sleeve has an open hook and loop seam making it easy to wrap around hoses, wiring or cables without removing them. Generally, the sleeves can be cut to length with scissors so as to fit the wires or cables perfectly.

Using a stainless steel wire tie or hose clamp to wrap it around the cable or wire minimizes any fraying and prevents the sleeve from freely moving when the motorbike is in motion.

If you are looking for a sleeve, Kool Wrap Aluminium Heat Sleeve, stitched, Gold, 1.0m x 30mm ID is what you should buy.

Where To Buy A Motorcycle’s Heat Shield Sleeve?

Tracy bought a heat shield sleeve after replacing the wires which cost twice. Had she shielded her cables a little sooner, she would not have to bear the charges for wire replacement.

When Tracy was looking for a store to buy, she was extra cautious as she did not want any mistake this time.

She ordered the heat sleeve online from Kool Wrap store that promises to deliver your products to your doorstep at an affordable shipping rate.

The premium quality of all the products is guaranteed by the store and on top of it, if you face any issue regarding the product delivered or its installation, an experienced customer support team is always happy to help!

Make your wires live a little longer with high temperature wire sleeves.

Wrap it up!

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