Keep Your Engine Healthy With Aluminium Foil Tape

Gary was looking for something that can reflect heat from the engine’s surface and helps his bike cool down even when he is on long rides with his friends. Unnecessary halts during the journey irritated him to the core, and he wanted a sure shot way to get him out of this situation.

No sooner he heard about aluminium foil tapes, he got those installed near the engine bay to reflect the heat, and he also added a reflective surface with the foil to the panel.

Now, he can run his bike throughout the journey giving minimum halts or as per required.

Want the same result? Be like Gary.

How Does Aluminium Foil Tape Act as a Reflective Surface?

The aluminium foil tape possesses high-quality and pressure-sensitive adhesive that is 99.95% (or even higher) pure. It imparts good adhesion, good electrical conductivity, strong adhesion, and higher engine durability for a longer time.

With the foil, heat preservation performance is improved. The material of the tape is not prone to cracks and damage after repeated uses. Hence, it is a must-purchase when it comes to the insulation material distribution department.

Why Choose Aluminium Foil Tape?

There are various reasons to use aluminium foil tapes to make your engine work efficiently, giving the perfect mileage.

Some of them are:

  • Contains extreme cold and heat temperature versatility
  • Made up of acrylic adhesive that imparts superior durability and longevity
  • It is an excellent alternative for mastic which is messy and require more equipment
  • Holds up temperature fluctuations well as compared to other materials

If you are looking for the reliable source to buy an aluminium foil tape, you should choose Kool Wrap Adhesive Silver Aluminium Heat Shield Tape, extra-thick 1.2mm, 50mm wide x 4.5m long.

The features of Kool Wrap Adhesive Silver Aluminium Heat Shield Tape are:

Silver Wrap is made from aluminium foil adhered to a thick fibreglass insulating backing, and then a high-temperature pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is bonded to the tape. The Kool Wrap Adhesive Tape can be used to reflect heat away from air intake tubing, air boxes, engine bay firewalls, engine covers and anywhere where heat could cause damage.


  • Silver Wrap can withstand up to 850°F (454°C) in radiated heat.
  • Melting point is 1,022°F (550°C)
  • It can easily be cut to size with scissors

Gary chose Kool Wrap, and now he is a loyal customer.

Why do you ask?

Kool Wrap promises to deliver your products to your doorstep at an affordable shipping rate.

The store guarantees the premium quality of all the products. On top of it, if you face any issue regarding the product delivered or its installation, an experienced customer support team is always happy to help!

Enjoy the long life of your motorbike with Aluminium Foil Tape. And if you are looking for the automotive heat shield, you are at the right place!

Wrap it up!

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