Kinima Physio Works Closely with Primary Physicians for Quality and Continuity of Care

Perth, WA, Australia – Sept. 12, 2023 – Physiotherapy is an effective treatment inmultiple health situations.Most people automatically think of injuries in connection with physiotherapy, but it has many other uses. Rob O’Mahony, owner of Kinima Physio provides a variety of therapies and individualised treatment plans for the long-term health and wellness of each client.The therapies are so effective, that physio is regularly prescribed by primary care physicians for quality-of-life improvements and continuity of care.

Physio West Perth takes a holistic approach that works with the body’s own processes for healing. It is based onscience and evidence-based results. Physiotherapy has the following benefits:

  • Doesn’t use potentially dangerous drugs
  • Is nature-based
  • Strengthens the body
  • Manages pain
  • Improves mobility
  • Rehabilitates
  • Is beneficial before and after surgery
  • Aids in healing
  • Is effective for current and past injuries with residual effects

The therapies are most often utilized for injuries, mobility issues, and to manage pain, but physio North Perth is advantageous for a number of illnesses and diseases.Individuals with cardiovascular, circulationand pulmonary issues will benefit. Those with arthritis, nerve damage, spinal issues, muscle imbalances, and sports injuries can be successfully treated with physiotherapy. A number of chronic diseases and disorders, such as diabetes and cancer, will also benefit from physiotherapy.

Kinima’s Physiotherapists are highly trained and have extensive experience. Their focus is on helping clients live a more active andmeaningful life. The practice maintains a fully equipped gym for clinical Pilates to strengthen the body. When appropriate, online exercise programs are prescribed and led by a physiotherapist.Therapies include manual manipulation, active release techniques, deep tissue therapy, and dry needling, along with running assessments and the highly specialized GLA:D® Exercise Program.

As the provider of the “best physio in Perth,” the goal for every client at Kinima Physio is to improve their quality of life. The practice’s professionals work in conjunction with primary care physicians to ensure quality and continuity of care for long-term results.

About Kinima Physio

At Kinima Physio, we integrate clinical excellence with a unique client experience to create a local health movement that empowers as many people as possible. With 25 years of combined experience in the physiotherapy and health industries, including elite sports and orthopaedics, we offer the latest evidence-based treatment programs to instil clarity and understanding, restore function and confidence, and drive high performance. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.


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