Make Your Home Stand Out With Nest and Soul

Like to splash a little contemporary around when you’re redecorating the old nook? Nothing says contemporarily brilliant modern homes better than some designer furniture collection!

Some evergreen trends simply refuse to leave our side! Remember when tree stumps replaced table legs and the world went crazy? Maybe you can recreate that evergreen trend by replacing your run-off-the-mill side tables with our tree stump side table from our Melbourne based store and add some long-leafed plants to create a soothing environment! Want to make family dinners memorable but struggling with a good dinner table set? How about letting our modern Empire dinner table set to take care of your family time for you! You must have heard how a simple change of lighting can create a massive difference to the aura and ambience of a room, but never really given it a try! Well, now is the chance to create some vibe shift in the ol’ homestead with a beautiful diamond ceiling light from our Melbourne store!

A Soulful collection for the Cosy Nest

Your home reflects your personality, your mood, and your taste in the finer things. A well-decorated interior can change how guests perceive you and your cosy nook which is essentially why 2020 has been all about creating a comfort haven for yourself while you live, work, and thrive in the comfort and safety of your home! However, do remember, the deadly virus is still out there and if you’re planning on spending some more one on one time with your home, a cosy upgrade with new, designer furniture may just be what you need.

At Nest and Soul, our Melbourne-based furniture store is all about delivering elegance in the form of designer furniture collections and home decor that ranges from dining tables to sofa sets, armchairs, lighting solutions and more! The main goal is to see you thrive in the happy comfort cocoon that we call home with sophisticated furniture that embodies your personal style like no other!

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