Put the Right Cricket Pads To Strike a Safe Century on the Ground

“The boys played well” – said everyone.

Imagine being on the ground and people rooting at their high pitches for you. Exciting, is it?

Your team relies on your performance and you are responsible to win the trophy for them!

And suddenly, you hit a winning six and the audience (who was glued to their seats) jumped up in joy!

And yet everybody says, “The boys played well”.

Now, had your cricket equipment were not of the right quality and had they made you a wee bit uncomfortable, would you be able to win that match for your team (and for you as well)?

Having the right equipment, at the right time, for the right situation is important- in life, in cricket!

Although, you always options on where to buy, what to choose, what brand to rely on but then, taking chances with your cricket equipment on the ground can prove fatal.

Here, you have the best recommendation on cricket equipment. Hope you will make a wise choice!

Brands That Keeps You Safe And Sound While Striking a Century

Whether it is batting cricket pads or wicket keeping pads, the utmost priority is your safety and comfort while playing on the ground.

In order to stay away from injuries, high-quality cricket pads are something that you should not miss out on.

Here are some of the brand recommendations that are never going to fail you-

Gray Nicolls Cricket Pads

Playing cricket as a hobby or professionally, you not only need a cricket pad to save you from injuries but also re-ignite your passion every time you put them on.

Gray Nicolls is one such brand that brings out a cricketer in you! Its assortment of cricket pads for boys of all ages is surely going to impress you. Promising high quality as well as keeping your comfort their top most priority, Gray Nicolls is what you must bring to the ground.

Some of its features are:

  • Pro look pin tucks
  • Traditional cane front with a padded top hat for protection
  • Three foam, cloth-lined bolsters with 2” calf strap
  • Ankle foam for comfort and stability
  • Ambidextrous design suitable for right or left-handed players

Gunn & Moore Mythos Cricket Pads

The light-weight construction of the cricket pads makes you want them more.

To have a great run between the wickets, you need to be comfortable with your attire as well as your leg guards.

Gun & Moore have designed their pads in such a way that makes you play like ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ on the ground. (Sure, he was a fast runner!)

Rather than only keeping you safe, Gunn & Moore Mythos cricket pads will make you play more passionately and comfortably.

Its features that are surely going to blow your mind are:

  • Lightweight Construction
  • Embossed GM detail
  • Stitched in top hat flap protection
  • Velcro straps
  • Comfort Foam protection
  • Plastic Fibre Tri-Foam Knee Locator

Puma Evospeed Cricket Pads

Stand confidently behind the stumps or just bat your best with Puma Evospeed Cricket Pads.

The internal shin padding is light-weight but is able to give you much-needed protection when those balls are headed towards you.

Being the most comfortable and high-quality premium cricket pads, Puma Evospeed is such an awesome choice to pick!

Some of its features are:

  • Traditional paneling for a secure wrap fit
  • Internal shin padding
  • Padded hook and loop straps
  • Lightweight protection and comfort

Looking for a place where you can look at the above-mentioned brands?

Sportsmans Warehouse is there for you! Your one-stop shop for all your gaming equipment.

Having the finest collection of cricket pads for budding cricketers or professionals, Sportsmans Warehouse strives for 100% customer satisfaction where you get free shipping (orders over $150 and under 3 kg), easy returns (30 days returns on all orders), and a 24*7 customer support team is an added advantage.

If by any chance, you need a pair of premium quality sports shoes, Sportsmans Warehouse is happy to help make your search a little easy!

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