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To understand how to control traffic with a stop-slow bat on any roads in Victoria and the Construction Industries, one must go through a Melbourne traffic control course. This course will also help you control and monitor traffic management plans and traffic guidance schemes in the civil and construction industry.

Why Choose Traffic Control Course In Melbourne?

Traffic Control Course helps you learn proper communication skills, organisational skills, decision-making skills, and practical training so that you can manage the traffic efficiently on the roads of Victoria and in the construction industry.

Traffic Control Management Course provides you with well-equipped training classes to formulate a career path into the construction industry. If you want to work in the construction industry as a controller, completing this course will be a prerequisite.

On Completion of This Course, Participants Will Have The Skills and Knowledge Of:

  • Accurately directing the motorists through a stop/slow bat
  • Recognising stopping sight distances
  • Reporting incident reports
  • Evaluating and communicating the changes in road conditions.
  • Efficiently implementing risk assessment measurements for workers safety.
  • Knowledge of various communicating devices for better and faster communication.
  • Effective implementing traffic management plans in the Construction industry.

Why Choose Procon Training for your Traffic Control Course in Melbourne?

We at Procon Training Solutions provide you with a nationally recognised Traffic Control Course with no prior requirement. We provide you with hands-on training classes, practical sessions, and better opportunities in the civil and construction industry after finishing this course.

All our practical training sessions will be performed on-site, whereas the other theoretical training will be online.

Our theoretical training will include communication skills, organisational skills, decision-making skills, learning how to prepare a traffic management plan and much more that will prepare you efficiently for your real-life job.

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