Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Solar Powered Water Pumps

The water level of the earth is decreasing day by day and everywhere in the world we are concerned about having a safe and sustainable supply of water. Thus, we can say solar powered water pumps could just be the one true solution for global concern at this point of time!

Solar powered water pumps have extremely low operating cost and generally needs low maintenance which makes it a highly convenient and reliable source for all. Solar powered water pumps run on electricity produced by using solar energy which means you can save your hefty electricity bills. Another plus point of solar powered water pump is that they are beneficial for the environment. In comparison to other pumps, they do not make noise and air pollution and does not need fuel for operation. So, if you’re planning to buy high pressure pumps in Australia, this piece is a must-read for you! Here are few things you should keep in mind before buying solar powered water pumps for your home:

Choosing the kind of pump you need

There are four types of solar powered water pumps. These are submersible pumps, surface pumps, alternate current pumps, and direct current pumps. Each pump lifts water to different heights. We would suggest briefly going through the types of solar powered water pumps before buying one.

The flow rate of the pump

It the most critical factor to consider while purchasing solar powered water pumps. It is essential to know how many gallons of water the pump is pumping in an hour.

Head of the pump

The Head of the pump indicates the increase in energy accumulated by one liter of water. Head is the height to which you want to pump water.

Speed of the pump

Speed is essential as it determines the number of revolutions executed by the pump at a particular time interval. The speed of the pump is measured by Revolutions per minute.

The efficiency of the pump

There are three types of pump efficiency; manometric, mechanical, and overall efficiency. The higher the efficiency the greater water you can extract through solar panels.

Quality of the pump

The quality of any high pressure pumps is dependent from brand to brand. Water Pump Warehouse stocks a wide range of high pressure pumps for all uses.

Now that you know to get the best and most suitable solar powered pump for yourself, how about stopping by our pump warehouse to pick some up for your home/office?

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