Top Essential Tips for Safe Online Shopping in Australia

Thanks to the e-commerce evolution getting the perfect gift has become a lot easier. However, to ensure that it is crucial to make sure that your online shopping spree does not put you at any risk. Pickpockets operate in cyberspace differently, and they usually like to go after your personal and financial information. Here are the top essential tips for safe online shopping in Australia.

Avoid using a debit card:

When shopping online, avoid using your debit card as debit cards are linked to your bank accounts, and if someone gets successful in getting hold of your information, you are at much higher risk. It is best to use credit cards or payment services like Paypal while shopping online. Credit cards provide better protection and less liability.

Shop from secure online stores only:

Before you give your financial or personal information on any online store, you need to ensure that the site is secure and legitimate. The easiest way to learn whether the site is secured or not is by looking for “https” at the beginning of the website’s address. The absence of “s” at the end of “http” shows that the site is not encrypted, which means your data is not secured. All legitimate shopping stores have “https” at the beginning of their address to protect their customers.

Keep updating your software to the latest version:

Many people click on “remind me later” option when their system asks for a software update. Please don’t put it off as it is one of the easiest ways to safeguard your information. Software updates offer better security layers that can fight new attacks. You may have to wait while the system updates and you have to restart your computer or smartphone, but the security benefits are well worth it. Next time you see a notification for the update, don’t avoid it.

Identify email scams:

Email scammers are always trying to send you viruses and malware in the form of special offers, coupons, or gifts. Don’t open an email received from someone you don’t know or the websites you have never visited. Never trust the phony messages from financial institutes and banks that say there is an alert problem with your account. Call directly to the bank for verification and never respond to such emails.

Don’t click on every link you receive or see online:

You may see offers that are too good to be true on your emails or social media sites. You might end up risking your financial or personal data by clicking on these links. If you are too tempted to take advantage of the offer, then do some research and find out whether it’s genuine or not.

Have a strong password:

Well, you might have encountered this advice myriad of times, but it is essential. When it comes to keeping your private information private, unique and secure passwords are your best guards. If you are using the same password for multiple websites, then find time to change them. You can use a password generator and keep the long and complicated password, so hackers don’t waste their time trying to breach.


Stolen identity and financial information is quite severe. If you are shopping through apps, then download apps from a reliable source like Apple App Store and Android Market. Be smart while shopping online by keeping these tips in mind. Find a good online discount store in Australia and have a great shopping experience.

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