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Melbourne, VIC, Australia – Aug. 12, 2023 –Anyone who is self-employed and has applied for a mortgage knows the disappointment of being turned down. It’s a common occurrence that makes owning a home orinvestment propertyexceedingly difficult. WizWealth Financeis a brokerage firm that understands the struggles that the self-employed encounter. The specialists are highly skilled and have extensive experience at helping self-employed people obtain a mortgage to fit their needs.

Even those with well-established businesses of many years often encounter challenges when applying for a mortgage. WizWealth Financial is a self-employed mortgage specialist with access to an extensive network of lenders outside traditionallocal sources. The firmworkswith clients in all industries throughout the mortgage process. The brokerage provides clients with education, guidance and assistance in attaining a home mortgage. Equally important, the firm’s experts ease the stress involved.

Revenues can fluctuate for the self-employed for any number of reasons and lenders view self-employed people as more likely to default on a mortgage.Traditional lenders often utilize trends within the banking business to evaluate aself-employed enterprise. While it’s one way of approaching the mortgage processit’s not one that always accurately represents a company’s viability, potential for growth or income possibilities.

Home loans for self-employed individuals from a local lender can require multiple records and proofs that include profit and loss statements and two years of personal and business tax returns.The business must be legally registered for two years and individuals will need to provide a list of liabilities and assets. Even then, with impeccable proofs, self-employed people can be rejected for a mortgage.

WizWealth Financeprovides self-employed mortgage solutions for a wide range of people who are creating their own destiny, providing employment opportunities for others, and helping to grow the economy. WizWealth Financial specialists believe everyone should have the opportunity to own their own home and can help the self-employed attain their goal.

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